Humanitarian or Human Being?

My Twitter activity remains low, and it came to 1 question that caused it. Do I choose to be an humanitarian or instead work towards a better future for myself. It may seem easy, but it is

The ignorance the European Union has shown in 24 hours.

Earlier today I was reading my timeline at Twitter, I suddenly saw my half-brother Vadim( angry… I was shocked, as that is in fact the very first time I have seen him angry anywhere, he is the

How Eurovision divided and united Europe

Note before: EBU = European broadcasting union. We’re done with Eurovision for only a few hours, and it has done exactly the opposite of the goals of Eurovision, the people of Europe seem more divided than ever.

Twitter discontinuation

It has been a bit over a year, longer then I already expected to be active at Twitter. The time has however come to an end. Previous days myself and friends noticed more and more pedophile activity

The psychological ignorance of Children’s Rights campaigns

This blog post was “inspired” by the soul-crushing videos by Save The Children, World Vision and UNICEF. It can not continue, it is said so often, yet no one faces the fact that is more clear than ever, which

This is my vision

We now live in a world filled with only anger and hatred… It is actually crazy, as whatever you may believe, this is not why we live. The fact is: We need to fight for our rights,

[Polyglottism] Are you a polyglot?

Are you a polyglot or multilingualist? Let me start with telling that a multilingualist does not exist. Polyglottism and Multilingualism, 2 words that are often interchanged, while officially not meaning the same at all. Polyglottism is the ability of using 2 or

[Song of the day] Эля Чавес – Кукла | Elya Chavez – Doll

Thursday has become a day I am always too focussed on causes, especially in support of (hashtag) #StopChildAbuse. So every Thursday one song share at my blog, preferably one which is rather unknown to people or that

Soon: Charity Reviews

For almost a year I am active at causes. During this, I have seen many videos, information and well, everything you could think of. However, I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to speak to people at charity

Supports on-hold

With recent release of and translation of I will currently not share any content of social media accounts of the United Nations, except for personal accounts and the ones located at Southern America, Middle East

[Monday Feeling] Fresh Kid ft. Boier Bibescu – N-ai scoala e nasol

Yes, it is Monday, and like for most Youth and Children, it is the moment I will need to face the horrible schooling again, as well, it is no fun. This song fits it perfectly, lyrics and

[Random mumblings] Getting close to one year of Twitter activity

If you ever would be active for any cause, you would have to have a reason behind it. It seems so obvious, yet there remain people who go active without any actual true reason, in many ways

The fight against copyright, a cause far bigger than thought before

Most won’t see it as cause, but in fact, it is, copyright. Copyright in many ways has destroyed the economy, as silly as it may seem to some. Much of economy currently is in the hands of

The Stigmatization of Children, Youth and Health Problems

As soon as you got any “bigger” health problem,, you’re basically in trouble, not only by the things you’re facing by your condition, but actually the opinion is far harder… Today it is better to be some

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict and how the United Nations are the only true problem behind the situation

This post is written by Elena’s half-brother Vadim. I have my stances that go against my half-sister’s, easiest being my Pro-Turkish stance, yet, at the discussion of Armenia and Azerbaijan, I side with Armenia, it is in