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This still far from the finished version, however as the whole about page is not online right now, it is a way to know at least a little bit.
Finished version may contain alterations of the current written version.


Hello, my name is Elena and I am citizen of Armenia.
While I now live at Armenia, I lived for around 12 years at Ukraine, so right now I have only lived around 2 years outside Ukraine.



Since 2015 I am an activist and advocate active at Twitter in support of the rights of mostly children and youth, however I will extend to other causes, including animal rights, non-violence causes and causes against hate and discrimination.
At these activities I use mostly my language skills in an attempt to not only affect my own country, but rather being active internationally.
Right now I can write and speak good enough English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Japanese, German, Slovene, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian, Georgian, Macedonian, Romanian, Hebrew and Albanian to be active at a lot of cause subjects, even when I sometimes could not give a fully right written response in these languages.
However through support of my adoptive family, my half-brother and my friends, I am able to extend it with the languages of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Moldovan(If you count it as separate language), Uzbek, Italian, Korean, Danish, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Mongolian, Dutch, Frisian, Slovak and Welsh.
Armenian is not seen at this list, that is in actual fact right. My adoptive parents do speak and write the language, however I bother them with way too many translations already, the choice became to me if I wanted French Tweets or Armenian Tweets translated, I made the decision for the French language.

One of the most important parts to me at activism and advocacy is trying to be respectful, as for this I always take any message send to me saying I am disrespectful serious and could if I agree even delete the told Tweet. Also I keep out of certain subjects, as example I am, to the annoyance of some Armenians, silent about Azerbaijan… I just could not truly speak out at this subject, I just know too little about this subject to give any creditable opinion.

Like said, one of my most important values is respect, so why am I actually caring to be respectful to other? Basically it comes down to the fact I do not know any reason for not doing so…
Just look at the examples where people will be disrespectful about:

Nationality, it says not much about a person except for the region they actually live, that is a nationality.. The world however didn’t start out with countries and borders, so what does nationality have as importance either way? (Previous nationality and ancestry included, like I am born at Ukraine and have an Armenian mom and Ukrainian dad, so I call myself Ukrainian-Armenian)

Skin Color, what difference does the color of anyone’s skin make apart of looking different? To be honest, I far more often do not notice a skin color then I do, the moments when I do see it, is the moment people start speaking about it, however I do know there are way too many who care about it… A silly reason to be disrespectful…

Disabilities, Special Needs and Illnesses, I never got myself around the fact why people are treated with disrespect over this.. I am Epileptic myself, have a half-brother with autism, a half-sister who is blind, a little brother who sits in a wheelchair and has a hearing aid. (and some illness which I keep forgetting the name off..)
All of us get treated different because of it, too often with disrespect because people do not dare to actually understand what it means, rather hears 1 story and believes it are the full facts about it, while mostly it is not that way… It bothers me extremely, maybe this causes my own respect, would not know for certain…

Being Gay/Lesbian, Bi or Queer, I always feel like laughing about the ones who disrespect over this, as seriously, what is the problem? We are all born a way and grow up to be some way, they were born and/or grown up to be this way, that is who they are, you should actually not be able to treat them with disrespect about it, it is not like you are the way the whole world wants to be, just grow a clue..
I am not Lesbian, Bi or Queer, however I have full respect for anyone who is, as that just is the way they are, no more words needed.
I think the stigma at this subject causes way and way too many problems, just think about the fact that many do not dare to be honest about it and the phrase “coming out of the closet” exists… They should not have to be dishonest about it, they are the way they are, just like anyone is… I truly get annoyed over this subject, as people treat this subject as a difference that is hugely important, but is it really? It is not like they have horn on their head or have tentacles instead of arms.. That are differences I could understand having to be dishonest about… Accept people for how they are…

Religion… Okay, I suppose this would get a huge amount of controversy, so I will keep it short. Religion is a believe, a believe is important to the person who believes it, it is not important for anyone else. I dislike conversions, that is the one single thing I could agree with people that is highly annoying, however people of Christianity always say this as a disgrace of the Islamic believe, however, I have been tried to be converted many times by people who are Christian as well.. That should clear the discussion.. “Do not play the blame game when you are NOT without blame” that might be the phrase I would like to use at this. Terrorists is obviously another thing people will talk about, another pointless one, the 3 religions that are mostly talked about, Islam – Christianity – Judaism, all 3 have their terrorists, it is not without a reason all 3 religions have to say they are not involved with these groups time after time. Basically once again “Do not play the blame game when you are NOT without blame”.
I could go on for some time, but I suppose you understand what I mean by now.

Another important value to me is truth, I try to always be truthful and when I share any cause Tweet, I want to be certain it is not a lie. This does have a huge amount of problems attached to it, mostly it is that you can not always check if something is the truth or a lie, you simple have to believe what is said.. That actually is not true!
Most who fully stand for truth will be active at their own countries only, which is very understandable, as like you could have guessed, that is the way you know for certain something is the truth. I personally work the same way, I check things from inside the countries. Right now I am able to do it at more than 1 country, which seem rather odd to people, however there is 1 step from trusting a stranger or friend and yourself, it is family. It is (almost) always the step between yourself and everyone else, and that indeed does include friends, as whether people do or do not like it, friends can lie…
It is why you see me being silent about quite some countries apart of specific cause shares, like for example adoption support is I could do at more than the countries I have family at, however I still could not do worldwide.

Obviously important values to me are Kindness, Compassion, Humility and being Charitable. These are the exact reasons of everything I do online.
Kindness and Compassion should need no explanation, neither does Charitable, so let me only go into “Humility”.
I am connected to not even 1 organisation at my online activities, neither do I have any support of any since last November. To me that is the only way to keeping yourself out of the equation of getting anything from your activities, doing everything you do for someone else.
I am however not flawless, I can sometimes show some ego when I do not want to do so, also I do focus my support at World Vision and UNICEF at my Twitter activities and rather focus to certain subjects… This would in my terms stand against Humility.. I do try to improve, that is the best anyone could do…

  1. Harry Scriven

    I love this biography.
    It’s great even if it is unfinished.
    Your mastery of language is daunting. You write English better than most English people do!

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