How Eurovision divided and united Europe

Note before: EBU = European broadcasting union.

We’re done with Eurovision for only a few hours, and it has done exactly the opposite of the goals of Eurovision, the people of Europe seem more divided than ever.
The main problem is exactly where people suspected beforehand, a fight between those who supported the Russian and the Ukrainian song, and the fact Australia entered again.

The people have spoken, and Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 fair and square by leaving both Australia and Russia behind.
The thing that happened right after, it was destruction.
Clashes at social media over the fact Sergey Lazarev lost over a so-called bad song, while the simple fact is, the people overall said otherwise, and it is done in a democratic way.
Yet, there are also some surprising elements people go unnoticed of since all the way back at the start of the Eurovision Song Contest this year…

Sergey Lazarev, the entry for Russia, was until the 13th hated by many because he was the entry for Russia and he seemed to be supportive to the Russian Federation.
The thing is, even at the Russian Federation most people didn’t notice that he never truly was 100%.
To understand you would need to look at Sergey Lazarev his family history, which journalist of Radio Free Europe “Claire Bigg” did as was seen at the scandal that happened this week before Eurovision.
Sergey Lazarev previously had already spoken out he saw Crimea still as part of Ukraine, he did so 2 years ago, it just never was really noticed.
And basically, he is doing the right thing, as in fact I have seen history books myself, at the city of Omsk at Russia, which said also that Crimea is Ukraine.
(Kremlin, need the name of the schools? I won’t give it. The children of the city of Omsk are getting at least a bit more honest education than at the West of Russia it seems…)
Yet, to get back to the point, Claire Bigg notice wrote this: “Lazarev, whose grandmother is Ukrainian, also revealed that he had turned down invitations to tour Crimea.”
Yes people, the grandmother of Sergey Lazarev is Ukrainian, and basically, Sergey is doing the thing that should stand highly at Europe, stand for righteousness.
Sadly the opposite happened, and still happens, many people looking down upon Sergey if he is bad…
However, the most awful thing regarding it all is something that almost got me to laugh, as it was stupid, saying Sergey was a bad singer and “he was unknown before Eurovision” to make actually an exact quote.
It was nice to see these comments, as it showed exactly which Pro-Ukrainian trolls aren’t living anywhere near Eastern Europe.
I grew up with Sergey’s music, like I also said a few times at my own timeline, however, I didn’t expect voting at him because of the political problems.
A simple google search would in fact already give you that answer, it wasn’t that hard.
Yet the other attack was the so-called “Sympathy card” he would play according to some, to get back votes by saying he supported Crimea.
The thing is, if it really was that way, he would be the stupidest person alive, as what has happened is the possible destruction of his career at Russia, which he could have expected even.
The way I always have seen Sergey Lazarev was a honest man who inspired me to set and start one goal at my youth, and only give up at it when I truly no longer can go on, as Sergey has been active at the Music Industry since he basically was only 10 years old, so that is 23 years ago now, I admire people who set one goal and go on and on.
To me Sergey didn’t deserve first place, he did however deserve a top 3 spot which he also got, but all the hatred he has been receiving, it doesn’t make sense and is just wrong.

Yet, there is also a lot of hatred at the other side of the discussion.
Jamala won for Ukraine the Eurovision song contest, and I am really proud she did, and it is to me very well deserved.
A lot of hatred is pointed at it being a political song to most, which it is if you are someone living at 1944, but that is not today.
The simple fact is that the song is about 1944, the deportation of Crimean Tatars by Stalin of the Soviet Union to be exact, which is why EBU has it exactly right that it is not political…
Those who don’t understand, it is rather simple, the Soviet Union no longer exists, that is the only fact you would need to see it is not political, as it is a political problem for a country that no longer exists at Today’s date.
Those who point to Russia, sure, it is true, the soviet union is seen as Russia now, however, it is not recognized by a majority of the world, to take exactly the point which was used by Azerbaijan some hours earlier.
The song has a connection to the current situation, but that is not created by the song, it is caused by every act Russia does by themselves at Crimea, nothing more, and basically, that would have been more a reason to disqualify Russia over, not Ukraine, as Russia was making it political at that discussion, not Ukraine.
The simple thing is, Jamala did an amazing job, convinced the most people and won Eurovision, it is how a song contest works, those who complain and hate or just sore losers.
And even more important actually is the fact those who had a lot more reason to complain, citizens of Russia, most were not complaining at all, they were even supportive at my timeline of the song, it all was parts of the Russian government and basically people who didn’t have anything to do with it at all, so the whole political card people threw, was wiped away by themselves instantly, as they were the ones who made it political.

And then there remains one other, Australia.
Australia can enter, and people wondered why, as Australia is not part of Europe, which is true.
The thing is, Israel is neither Europe, and they can enter.
A lot of hatred started and so it went on at the evening.
During the evening I got said that Israel can enter because they are part of EBU…
The thing is, Australia is actually too…
While a lot of people do seem to know Israel can enter Eurovision for that reason, people didn’t look further than the main list when it came to Australia.
Australia is an “Associate member”, meaning they are basically only partial member of EBU.
Australia is a member of the ITU, International Telecommunication Union, and all of them can apply for being an Associate member, Australia has done so.
Basically, as long as they pay a yearly fee, they will remain to have that status.
Afterwards it is just a huge amount of luck…
Wait, luck?
Yes, it is luck after some extensive research.
The way Australia first participated was by wildcard at 2015 for it being the 60th edition.
It was called a one-off though, as it would happen only once EBU thought themselves, yet, it seems EBU was either happy by it, or granted more than 1 year.
The answer is at the “Statutes of the European Broadcasting Union”:

4.1. Organisations from an ITU member country which have an activity in the field of
broadcasting and for any reason do not qualify for membership or for the status of
Associate, but whose participation in certain EBU activities is considered useful for
the Union, may be admitted as Approved Participants. The status of Approved
Participant is granted or withdrawn by decision of the Executive Board after
consultation with the Committee or Committees concerned and in the light of a
proposal by the Statutes Group. The decision shall mention the area or areas to
which the candidate is admitted. The Committee or Committees concerned shall
specify the precise meetings or activities in which the Approved Participant may

Doesn’t say enough, right?

Eurovision membership
3.8. “Eurovision” is a television programme exchange system organised and
coordinated by the EBU, which is used for the exchange of news, sports and other
items among Members, based on the understanding that Members with a television
service which participate on a regular basis in the Eurovision exchanges offer to
the other Members, on a basis of reciprocity, their news coverage as well as
current affairs, sports, and other important events taking place in their countries
and of potential interest to other Members, thereby enabling each other to provide
a high-quality service in these fields to their respective national audiences.

Top it off:

Contractual access to Eurovision or Euroradio
3.12. Associates, Approved Participants and non-Members of the EBU may be granted
access to Eurovision or Euroradio on appropriate contractual conditions which shall
be subject to annual review by the Executive Board.

To make it an short answer:
Australia is an ITU member, has become an Associate of EBU, probably is active at other parts of the Eurovision network, like for example the news exchange, and has therefore been granted access while not being a full member by the EBU Executive Board. Therefore can now keep entering the song contest as long as they remain to have their memberships.

Yet, while this was driving many people away from each other, I also noticed something amazing, people coming closer together.
Before the Eurovision song contest I knew I could best stay away from Azeri citizens at Twitter and certain people of parts of Russia, during this week it changed massively.
In this 1 week I talked to multiple Azeri citizens with no hatred in any way, even about the Political situation at Nagorno-Karabakh, openly without having to fear any hatred, revealing things to me that I wouldn’t know if I didn’t talk to these people.
However, I also talked with many Russians who actually supported Jamala, or even more, supported the fact Ukraine should stay independent with the return and stay of Crimea and Donbas.
People who couldn’t speak out before because of being scared of possible unsafety, opened up, the exact thing Eurovision stands for, bring people closer together.
It was also fun how I was chatting with people from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Armenia, Turkey and Poland who all supported the Ukrainian entry at the finals, all at the same time.

The thing that showed to me is that true problems right now are the actual 2 problems people talk about:
Governments and… ourselves…
The basic thing I saw was that everyone wanted to just have fun, nothing more than that, and it actually happened at many people before the results became clear…
I wish this would only stay longer, as if it would stay longer, we could actually find a way to world peace, but as it is now, world peace is a dream that never will happen, as we divide ourselves…

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