The fight against copyright, a cause far bigger than thought before

Most won’t see it as cause, but in fact, it is, copyright.
Copyright in many ways has destroyed the economy, as silly as it may seem to some.
Much of economy currently is in the hands of the rich, quite often these people are and are not those who many suppose, which needs explaining.
The first and easiest are those who everyone would be right about, artists and sporters, whether we talk about singer, actors, models. illustrators, writers or the many other artists, or soccer players, basketball players or any of those other sporters, they are quite often above the normal paygrade, while in many ways, doing a lot less than a regular working person.
The other, which is actually is false, are the ones working at governments, this isn’t false in general, but because people will generalize, this one is counted as false, as quite some governmental jobs by now are actually underpaid, and are actually some of the worst jobs to have, while being hammered upon because of other governmental people having huge payments.
Yet, as we were talking about copyright, we are obviously going to talk about artists.
Copyright shouldn’t have to be bad, but it partially has become this way, as it counts for certain artists where it actually is bad.
Copyright counts at everything, images, sounds, video, writing and basically everything else you could think of.
Like said, it does not have to be bad, for example it is never actually bad at images, they may have crazy prices because of copyright, but at images, that is in fact a good thing, as in fact it is 90% not able to recreated to perfection, I keep 10% as probably there are some who could.
However, videos, sounds and possibly writing, that is a different thing.
Yet, let me get rid of writing of the list too, as writing is quite often 100% imagination, and no-one has the same imagination, so there are books written that probably nobody would have otherwise written…
So, videos and sounds remain.
This is a very tough one, as in all ways possible, these are currently overpriced in every way possible.

(The below prices are all in Euros, they were estimates supplied by Apple of their Apple iTunes store, I thank them for their cooperation with making this blog post!
All other information was based at European data. It has become average, difference between Eastern, Central and Southern Europe is huge compared to Western and Northern Europe.)

A current CD with most often 10 to 15 songs, costs between 10 and 20 euros in standard prices, without looking at sales.
Currently around 1000 is the average wage an adult at Europe will earn.
Myself, I would have to buy at least 10 CDs if I could buy the music I want, each month.
Looking the average of 10 to 20 euros, we will make it 15 euros to be fair, 10 times 15 is 150 euros in CDs a month.
That sounds not much just yet…
Do that times 12, 150 times 12 is 1800. 1800 euros a year, if I would buy the CDs I want at Europe.
By European standards, that is basically already 2 months of an average wage that is needed to pay that.
Now let’s look even further, and take my half-brother’s family as example.He has 6 siblings, it is big in current society, but this is an easy one, if they would buy the amount I would like to buy, that would be 1 month wage needed for 1 month of music for all of them, and then they could not buy anything else.
We could stop there, but it is easy to do so.
The same applies to videos, however, most will actually want to buy even more, hence me not going to even explain.

When we look at the costs of 10 to 20 euros of a CD, 10 to 20 songs to keep it fair, it is around 1 euro each song.
This actually was already told by iTunes to not be fair, as in fact, most artists you need to pay 1,29 euros each song, so basically, buying a whole CD is cheaper, yet, most will want certain songs by now, not the whole CD, meaning it is even more expensive!
But, let’s go in the actual more worrying part.
Each song is 1 euros to keep it fair, around 3 minutes in length average, so let’s look how long you would have to work each song to get them.

As said, 1000 is the average wage at Europe, but we will also do another try at the 2000 average at Western and Northern Europe afterwards.

1000 in a month, the average working hours is 8 hours a day.
A year has 365 days(keeping it simple here).
365 days of 8 hours is 2920 of maximum working hours, though, most will in fact have weekends off, 365 divided by 7 is around 52 weeks, so 52 times 2 is 104 days we can actually remove of the 365.
So, 261 days remain, those all having 8 hours, makes 2088 working hours a year.
As most will have some free days or holiday/vacation, we will remove 11 days of work extra, to get the round 2000 working hours, makes it easier to calculate, however is in fact close to the right number.
2000 working hours, to make 1000 euros, means you earn 0,50 euros an hour on average.
Like said, a song on average costs 1 euro, so that would mean 2 hours is basically 1 song.
1 song is 3 minutes of length in average, so basically you worked 40 times the time the actual song is to get it.
As said, Northern and Western Europe has 2 times the average wage, so that makes it a song an hour, making you work 20 times as much of the song length to get each song…

In every possible way, that is crazy.
Quite often, these songs are created in around 1 day of working…
These songs are however bought by thousands of people if you are a known artist.
Take that hour you need to work for the song at Northern and Western Europe as standard, and you already get what I mean, it is silly.
But… what about costs?
Well, that is where it most often get interesting.
Quite often these costs are very low, even more important, in most cases this just takes working hours of people.
I’m going to be kind, let’s say we have 10 people singing, 10 people to create the background music and even 10 people to do all of the rest of the people, so 30 people, and they would focus at working, meaning 1 day to create a song in working hours, that would still beat the income made…
To give it fast, 2000 average wage divided by 30 days, times 30 people, means it would cost 2000 euros to create a song, that is the honest way to calculate.
A song costs 1 euros at iTunes in average, so that would mean 2000 sales would need to be made.
According to statistics, every song with status will easily sell 10 thousand times…
meaning that 2000 euros was returned, plus the quadruple amount extra, 4 times 2 thousand euros, meaning 8000 euros.
Meaning… to get costs back plus getting the same amount to pay the working hours, there would be 6000 euros left. That is 60% of the total sell amount.
To keep it easy, that would mean all songs could in fact be halved in price, and they still make profit…

And it would help the whole economy if that would happen, as right now, all the money remains in certain parts of industry, as quite often artists start a circular movement of cashflow by their purchases, meaning only a part flows back to the actual society, as artists are quite often no longer seen as a normal part of society, which is also bad, but let’s not talk about that for now.

But, why in fact doesn’t this happen?
That is where we get the Copyright part, as that does cost money to make possible…
To get official copyright, you need to have things like a trademark, a copyright license and obviously, those who will enforce it for you…
This is where most of the left over money actually flows away, the fact we as society want everything to not be “copied” and much more, making jobs of things that should have been hobbies…
and while you could say “Elena, some artists have 1 or more side jobs”, that is not truly true, as many do, many actually have it right in the same industry, as like said, music is not the only one, the other is videos, so films and series, and that is where you most often see the exchanges…

In many ways copyright isn’t bad, but the sound & video part is, it currently imbalances economy, and in actual fact society, and as they are not the only parts of humanity who do so, we see huge gaps currently at society…
There are artists who publish their music without copyright at all, but that doesn’t always has to be better…
It is sad how currently the rich can buy music, however the less fortunate have to download it through other ways, which is illegal at most parts of the world, making you get punished with most often costs of copyright, which is just crazy, as buying music and videos is not a possibility to all, and creates also gaps at for example youth and children’s relation to each other….
And that is even a far bigger problem, as this causes the needs for other cause fights, like anti-bullying and anti-suicide campaigns…
The moment artists think of doing an act against bullying, suicide or any other youth or child cause, maybe they should look at this one before creating another song that causes the problem in fact to become even bigger than it already was….

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