Humanitarian or Human Being?

My Twitter activity remains low, and it came to 1 question that caused it.
Do I choose to be an humanitarian or instead work towards a better future for myself.
It may seem easy, but it is actually much harder than you might suppose.
To quote my half-brother Vadim in a personal chat at Humanitarian day:
‘Humanitarian are too disconnected of the causes they fight for.’
It is a truth I can not even deny myself.

Most of the big charities, which is most noticable at the ones of the United Nations, work for profits, not causes.
As someone who had put a lot of trust to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, better known as UNICEF, it was hard to learn the actual truth.
A girl who according to the United Nations was helped by them, instead told that their support made her life harder instead of better.
The children are helped until the moment of emergency is over and will be left to fight for their own, often no longer noticed by other charities, still too vulnerable for returning to society.
And while UNICEF is the one told about by that girl, similar stories are there for some of the other major humanitarian organisations, like Doctors without Borders(MSF) is a great example of.

When I hear things like that, I would want to boycott them, yet that will never be possible because of their status.
Both Doctors without borders(MSF) and UNICEF have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the past, making them close to completely invulnerable.
It is just like we see time and time again with the United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces, who are not that peaceful as people suppose, but have become intouchable because of their Nobel Peace Prize of 1988…

Examples like that make me sickened to call myself an humanitarian, as they are all humanitarians in general sense, yet their acts are close to criminal.
Care for people does not end when a situation ends, it ends when those people do not need that much help anymore, there is a great difference.
World Humanitarian Day and Youth Day have both been days this years I helped out at schools, as eventually it are not days to celebrate, it are days that shows us how much we still needs to improve.
And with the ‘greatest’ being all but helpful, I rather choose to be one of the ‘smaller’ and work towards actual improving, instead of working towards personal interest.

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