The ignorance the European Union has shown in 24 hours.

Earlier today I was reading my timeline at Twitter, I suddenly saw my half-brother Vadim( angry…
I was shocked, as that is in fact the very first time I have seen him angry anywhere, he is the kind of person who would cry in a corner and send everyone away.(No offense intended, just stating the truth)
Puzzled as I was, I read his whole timeline, and the answer quickly showed.

During the 31st of May something at Twitter happens right at the same moment the European Union announced the “Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech”.
What happened was the mass suspension-spree of basically every parody account targeting the Russian government’s activities. More info:
There were attempts made by journalists to get answers of Twitter, Twitter declined to make any statement. Source:

The link between these 2 events is however easily made and is very doubtful to not be connected.
However, while the code of conduct now exists, there is nowhere to be found what they count as hate speech, yet neither why only the internet has been targetted, and not the media, where hate speech still remains and should be a far bigger priority to get hate speech to discontinue before any act should have been at the internet, all of this was stated by my half-brother at Twitter.

2016-05-31 22_44_30-Vadim Dovganyuk (@snowcalmth) _ Twitter

Yet, it didn’t stop there, as my half-brother stated to me, he noticed an Tweet at the official EU Justice Twitter account asking if people experienced hate speech online and opinions regarding the subject, obvious related to the new code.
It sparked anger, as while it is an obvious question, often TV broadcasts shows more hate speech then you even can find at most internet websites alone, just think about what we see coming from the American Presidential elections…
The thing that is done here is taking away our free speech, even though hate speech is offensive, and causing by this an inequality in rights between people, therefore it actually being undeniable discrimination…
2016-05-31 22_51_34-Vadim Dovganyuk on Twitter_ _.@EU_Justice Yes. @Twitter doesn't delete it. I cou

The thing what is being done by the EU is without a doubt removal of Free speech at the internet and being discriminative while doing so just as well.
That the actual factors of which is seen as hate speech are not stated, this could also be seen as actual INjustice, the thing EU Justice should obviously stand against, as parties like Twitter can now do anything and say it falls under that code of conduct.
However the most clear thing of this all is that the EU has shown something very bad to the world, which is the actual fuel that started the anger at my half-brother today…

2016-05-31 22_56_15-Vadim Dovganyuk (@snowcalmth) _ TwitterThe EU has way more understandable acts to do, which obviously are finally really acting on the things happening at countries like Ukraine, Syria, Palestine and Yemen, but regarding EU Justice, the fight against ISIS and their activities online…
This without a doubt has me puzzled where the actual priorities of the European Union are nowadays, but more important, why something as big as them can’t make things clear to the general public…
It makes me only more worried about the things to come and the safety of not only Europe, but the world itself….

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