[Random mumblings] Getting close to one year of Twitter activity

If you ever would be active for any cause, you would have to have a reason behind it.
It seems so obvious, yet there remain people who go active without any actual true reason, in many ways they are true heroes.

I am one with reasons behind my activity at causes, first is my own story, second is the lots of stories within my own family and yet, also the third known reason applies to me, friends.
These 3 are the basic reasons to be active at causes, because something happened to you, to family or to friends, and that happening can be anything, an illness, a health difference or an actual happening like abuse, everything can be described as reason, and it obvious to be fighting at these causes.

I’m getting close to 1 year of activity at causes, starting at Twitter, moving on to the creation of this blog and nowadays also some activity at both VK(onktakte) and Facebook.
With now more than 31 thousand Tweets(and retweets) and more than half a milion followers, I should be proud about my Twitter according to some people, yet, I am not.
Something many people see as important are followers at Twitter, and it is when you are a Twitter marketer or some celeb, yet when you are a normal person, this is just a plus, however not the reason why you would be at Twitter.
Instead I am proud of the people who I met through the Twitter social media platform, many I wouldn’t have met if I wouldn’t be active on the internet, and it is the one part which I stated more often the Internet shines a bright light, being a second life where you could meet anyone from anywhere.

Yet, the one thing where I am mostly proud about is the trust people give me, the exact part where all Twitter marketers and quite some (Twitter) celebrities seem to fail at…
Most parts of an social media account can be bought now, followers/friends, likes, retweets/reshares, comments/replies and general messages, with money, it is possible, hence why you see celebrities and marketers with millions of followers, but when you do a check of the amount of fake people, quite often this reaches of amounts above 90%….
And it is the way social media actually works by now, as without buying, you most often will need to become a followback account or need a verified mark, however exceptions always remain.
Yet, like said there are exceptions, and that is the moment trust comes in, unlike most social media platforms seem to realize, verified marks are problematic, quite often it is the exact reason why people follow others, not for who they actually are or say.
Personally I would suggest marks based on status, the way socialbakers have shown to be working, being able to be set by a dedicated part of the community with checks of the staff of the social media platform.
The reason why I would prefer it that way is because quite some verified marks are silly or even fake in ways, think of gamers getting verified over brands and verified marks for accounts that aren’t the actual person, even though I do have to note that I don’t say gamers shouldn’t be verified, but it is silly them being verified over brands and others with actual “fame”.
In many ways a marking system would be more effective, think of how charities no longer need to fight for verified marks, but instead would just have a mark saying they are a charity, or a musician getting a mark that they are active at music, and even more, those who are active at multiple subjects getting a general mark, think of an entertainment mark for those who both act and sing as one of the examples, it would be a statement of thinking things through instead of just a verified mark that by now says nothing at all anymore as they are not truly verified at all in quite some cases…
The social media platform daring to take this step probably would in fact increase their activity, as by now most social media platforms have stepped back from the future and instead gone back to the past, think of the silly “best post first” being implemented at instagram, the exact place where you don’t want it, the lack of support at Twitter, while you need a big team of support at a social media platform or the fact they don’t involve their own community, which is still happening at almost all social media platforms, it all shows they are rather sticking with the “regular way” instead of the changing views, yet by this doing the exact things the internet has shown to be not about, it is about moving forward.

You see these steps to the future at most parts of the internet, massive amounts of children and youth active at causes(like myself), the “deep web”, anyone being able to hack and bot, youth and adults generating money online going to millions of currency and even more, all of these things would be seen as a joke not long ago, yet now they all are possible.
And yet, it is not only social media platforms that show this lack, this is why I said at my announcing of this blog post this won’t be liked by Twitter marketers, but actually, it counts for any sort of marketer, as they show the exact same thing… Getting money…
Obviously in many ways it should be about getting money, but the fact they are most often spending it only on themselves, that has become an actual thing of the past.
Recent years shows it more and more, people who are rich giving their money to the poor, and that is a good thing!
As silly as it may seem, giving away money is the future, so making donations and other acts of charity.

Many philanthropists will hate me for saying, but Philanthropy and Charity are NOT disconnected…
More and more charitive acts you could do are philanthropic, it may not seem that way when you look at charities (and foundations) like UNICEF, World Vision, Save The Children, Oxfam, WWF and most others that are counted as the major ones.
Yet, most supporting charities by now, no longer actually support these, and it may seem weird, but support the smaller ones.
And that is very obvious to do, only very few of the major charities show actually what they are doing, it is why my support to World Vision always comes first, as they offer sponsorships.
The silly part of Philanthropy is the fact it is about fighting the root problem, yet, the root problem is not always what most philanthropists suppose…
Supporting someone with cancer is almost always philanthropy, supporting someone in hunger is almost always philanthropy, supporting an animal in need is almost always philanthropy and I could go on forever, yet they are the exact parts where most will donate to…
Yet, philanthropy is in actual fact also very wrong, and the reason why I support both acts myself.
If we all would do what philanthropy is about, we would instead of making a child with cancer happy, choose to only do cancer research… Instead of rescuing an animal in danger, focus on the ones who cause the danger and a million of other examples by now…
Philanthropy is bad and good, charity is bad and good, yet most will focus on one, hence my own support being at both, as there is no better one, unlike both sides do seem to fight much about…

To get back again to the first part, the trust people gave me, learned me of many stories, stories of every being of nature, as basically humans are animals, animals are 1 part of nature…
The many stories are special, they are all unique, and that is the true power of the internet, the uniqueness…
Hence me doing something I should have done long ago according to most people…

The internet is about the uniqueness of people, the stories and all things humanity.
At the 5th of May my Twitter exists 1 year, it will be Liberation Day at Denmark and The Netherlands, Children’s Day at South Korea and Japan and Europe Day, all which could be seen as related to my own story.
The 5th of May will be the moment I will be sharing my own full story, fully uncensored, it has a rating of 16+ to normal youth, 9+ to youth who already experienced very bad happenings.(These ratings were verified at the regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania, the ratings may vary at Northern and Southern America. ratings told to conform to country laws worldwide)

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