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For almost a year I am active at causes.
During this, I have seen many videos, information and well, everything you could think of.
However, I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to speak to people at charity organisations and learn of them, becoming a greater person because of it.
In the upcoming months I will be reviewing my experiences with charities, giving information about what certains charities do, sharing their videos, how to donate and their charity websites, which charitive activities are they doing, my personal recommendations and obviously, if I recommend donating and why.
So what could you expect?
Well, to give an easy example is with my personal favourite charity, who has become my most important support, the Russian charity supporting Orphans, Change One Life (Foundation).
There might be examples I could be writing 2 versions, this most often will be because of language, and I will write in that other language too.


Русский – Сирот | Russian – Orphans

Измени одну жизнь | Change one life


 <Information not yet written>


What does Change One Life do?

<Information not yet written>

Supported by donation – Still searching for families at Russia:

Станьте ангелом-хранителем ребенка: Алексей К., Ульяновская область
Станьте ангелом-хранителем ребенка: Юлия А., Республика Башкортостан

Станьте ангелом-хранителем ребенка: Карина К., Псковская область


I recommended this charity/foundation.
I’ve personally donated directly in support of the 3 children above, these sadly still need adoption!

I do want to note that this is one which needs confidentiality as importance with people.

Like with normal adoptions, there are some cases it can get confusing with just donations to this charity.
During one of my donations there was a problem, someone donated at the same time as me, at that moment I got the choice to transfer to a different orphan, so I did.
However, I did know the other child the donations would go to and this child got adopted.
Recently I saw photos of that previous orphan coming by at my VK and Twitter timeline, which is when you need to be silent…
Many children who were adopted, dislike the fact they have been adopted, they will often be silent about it outside of home, and I did so too.
It is an fact people look down upon you when you share you have been an orphan.
At this moment you should see yourself as anonymous and should not contact the other or even make them aware of the fact you donated, it is for the best.
If you’re not up for keeping silent about the fact you donated after adoption has been completed, you shouldn’t donate to this charity.

Also if you’re youth and live or occasionally go to Russia, like me, don’t donate to a specific child but rather make an open donation…
Like before, this can get you into troubling situations if you would meet the orphan you donated too, it is awkward.


This charity deserves mention of good activity at their social media accounts, since recently also at Twitter.
At both Facebook and Twitter I have received replies, which made me happy to be honest.
This charity is also in fact recommended to donate to if you can’t speak Russian but do speak English,
However, try to only interact in English if needed, their English is lacking.
If you really need to interact and need help with Russian to communicate with this charity,
I am happy to help with interaction to this charity and translate from and to Russian.

This is still incomplete and will change before release.
All reviews will gradually be published soon.

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