This is my vision

We now live in a world filled with only anger and hatred…
It is actually crazy, as whatever you may believe, this is not why we live.

The fact is:

  • We need to fight for our rights, they are not given.
  • The judgement system could punish innocents, and could help murderers.
  • People are called “Terrorists” if they are Islamic or Jewish, but are “Soldiers” when they are Christian or Atheist.
  • Countries can become split up by the fact they do not believe the same,
  • We have the United Nations, and while they should be there to unite us, they take regions and call them of other countries.
  • You will be hated if you are not loving to the other gender.
  • People fight wars, murder others, and their murders are “acts of war” and so “justified”, while it is murder nonetheless.
  • Children get abandoned by their parents, get FORCED to live in the care system of a country, yet get looked down while already being in grief every single day.
  • When you have a disability, you are less, you are suddenly something bad, while every health difference is unique.
  • We hate based on looks, religion, age, sexuality, nationality, health and a massive amount of other so-called reasons.

I just wonder when people open their eyes to the fact they can hate all they want, but we are all bad, no exclusion.
We may not be the same, we may not believe the same, but we deserve to be treated the same.

So yes,

  • Innocents should be helped more, bad people should be punished more.
  • Terrorists should be scrapped as a word, or there has to come the honesty of removing religion and location from the discussion.
  • The country system need fixing or removing.
  • All who are in bad situations should be helped more, and there should be more acceptance for this, as there comes a time when you will enjoy the same, even when it is only when you are elderly, or die by natural or unexpected causes.
  • The words Disabilities, Special Needs and Mental Health Sickness/Illness should be made redundant to remove discrimination and other problematic situations that happen every day, we all have issues, we are just the same.
  • People should quit the hate on LGBT people, I would be happy if 2 girls are Lesbian to be honest, as I just got a little bit more chance at snatching that boy I like. Dare to think that way about the first 3 characters. For the T, we could be born in the wrong body to our mind, that is the way it is, it is not like we don’t have things others count as unusual.
  • The International Criminal Court should be able to arrest at any country, including the USA while they don’t recognize it, as justice comes before country importances, no matter the country.
  • Soldiers who kill others should be classified for the murderers they actually are.
  • Quit the hate for stupid reasons, it does not matter if you believe and are the same.
  • The United Nations should become independent or be dismantled. They can’t just do whatever they want.

This is my vision, and mine alone. It doesn’t matter if you agree, as we all have the right of speaking our mind, being who we are, believing what we want, live at the location we want to and have safety of everything.

We are all Humans, We are all part of Humanity, We should not hate, We should not fight, We should not judge.
Together we could bring hope and peace or war and destruction to the world.
It’s our choice, and only this will speak for who you are…


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