Twitter discontinuation

It has been a bit over a year, longer then I already expected to be active at Twitter.
The time has however come to an end.

Previous days myself and friends noticed more and more pedophile activity at the Twitter social media platform,
This because of them trying to get close to us.
With the few personal connection I have at the USA, I was able to get looked into the names, and almost all of them have criminal records, most regarding activities to women or children.

I can’t stay active at Twitter knowing there are so many dangerous people lurking to get close to me and my friends, it is breaking me down mentally for some days already.
There have been done many attempts to reach out to Twitter to get these people looked at, however like my campaigns for months against Twitter already have shown,
Twitter does not care whether children and youth are safe at their online platform.

As for this there remains only 1 act, which is full discontinuation of all activity, which I am doing.
I will leave my Twitter account alive, where it will be published once I write another blog post, however I will not be contactable through Twitter as of this day.
My hope remains Twitter will do the righteous act of making Twitter safe for all, but it is too late for me by now.

  1. PlaytimetoyunboxingPTU

    We are saddened by this decision but we are aware of your concerns . You have being a good friend to many and served such good causes to spread the word.
    It’s a shame . We are sure you will prevail in a different strategy to bd the voice of so many who couldn’t speak for themselves .

  2. Larry Humphreys

    We are very sorry to hear this but fully understand your reasons. We are pleased to see that although you will not be contactable via Twitter (which is a wise decision given the situation) that you will leave your Twitter account alive so that it can act as a medium for your many followers to view your blog posts. I feel very fortunate to have had contact with such a caring and wise young person.

  3. Michelle

    Elena, you are an honourable young person, who truly stands up for what you believe in.

  4. Dil Singh

    I believe that the work you do is inspiring and the perspective you offer is profound as you can directly relate to the adversity and suffering of children and young people.
    I view the work you do as I do Kailash Satyarthi , I truly hope you continue to inspire others so they can see the power of humanity and hope.

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